Village Hall News

Adisham Village Hall Management Committee Meeting


Thurs 5 Aug 2021


Derek Butterworth – Chair and Maintenance manager

Rob Dane - Vice Chair and Maintenance Manager

Anne Rowe - Treasurer

Sue Nyirenda - Secretary

Margaret Giles - Bookings secretary

Tom Challinor – Facebook Admin,

Lucy Gove – Long-term vision

Tess Newton,

Cherie Collett Jones

Kelly Ovenden,

Hannah Page

Simon Stancey


We all briefly said a bit about ourselves and shared what skills we have to offer.

Ground Rules

· Be kind

· Be respectful of others

· Speak honestly. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

· Be aware of diversity and prejudice

· Listen – to everyone and their ideas. On important issues allow everyone 1 min to have their say

· Stay focused and try to be brief and concise

· Be open minded and willing to change your mind

· Keep things confidential – agree anything that can be shared (Sue will produce the minutes for the members and from that a summary of the meeting that we agree can be shared with the wider community)

VH Facebook Group

Hopefully we will be able to get this up and running again soon – Tom will be admin

Committee Member Roles

Maintenance – Derek and Rob

Long-term vision – Lucy

More roles will be defined and allocated in the future

Visiting other Village Halls

There are some wonderful village halls in the district and several members felt it would be a great idea to visit some to get support, ideas and inspiration. E.g. Barham, Wootton, Ashford Rd in Canterbury, Chartham…

Keys to the VH

A key safe will be secured to the outside of the VH – to make it easier for users to access the key. This has been done

How to Book the village hall notice and Emergency Contact Notice

To be created and displayed at the front of the VH and shared on FB and Newsletter and Parish Council

Next Meeting

Thurs 2 Sept 7pm

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